Every pet knows Jimbo’s.

We believe your pet deserves raw animal proteins in their diet, just the way nature intended. Premium proteins you can trust, made right here in New Zealand. Pets love Jimbo’s because it’s simply delicious. Irresistible to cruisy companions or the fussiest of fur babies. That’s why it’s New Zealand’s #1 raw pet food, and it’s no secret, every pet knows Jimbo’s.

Straight from the source for over 50 years

100% New Zealand made

For over 50 years Jimbo’s has been 100% made in New Zealand to the highest quality standards.

Honest ingredients

Jimbo’s uses simple, honest, ingredients that you can trust - from the source to your pets bowl.

Recyclable by design

The sustainability aspects associated with recycling continue to evolve as we endeavour to move towards a more circular economy. We are continually reviewing our designs and materials, working with the packaging supply and recycling industries, to work towards maximising the recyclability of the materials in our packaging.

Furrrrrrenquently asked questions

Can my dog eat the cat food (or vice versa)?

Yes. All Jimbo's products are safe for both cats and dogs (excluding our Veal Bones - these are for dogs over 6kg only). The Jimbo's Dog Food is promoted for dogs because it is fattier and chunkier than the Cat Food products, so some cats don't like it. However, if you have a pottle of Jimbo's Dog Food that your cat is inhaling, that is absolutely fine! All Jimbo's Cat Food products are suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages. They are lower in fat that the Jimbo's Dog Food and tend to be more finely minced.

Do your products need to be cooked?

Our products are designed to be fed raw - just the way cats and dogs would eat in the wild. Cooking also destroys a portion of the important nutrients that make our products so nutritious. If your pet has not had raw food before and you are worried about it upsetting their tummies, just feed them a very small amount (e.g. a teaspoon) for the first couple of days with their normal food to help them get used to it.

Do you only make chilled product?

A lot of the Jimbo's range is raw and found in the pet food chiller - but we do frozen products too! All of our frozen products are 100% preservative-free, and you can find these in the supermarket freezers (next to the human consumption foods).

Does your chilled pet food contain preservatives?

Our chilled or raw product does contain a small amount of preservative to ensure shelf life - but it is in very minimal quantities. If you are looking for preservative-free products, check out our range of frozen pet foods in the supermarket freezers. These are all 100% preservative-free.

Is it unsafe to handle raw meat?

As when we prepare raw meat for human consumption, care should be taken when handling raw meat for our own pets. Clean all utensils and work surfaces with warm, soapy water after use, and ensure you wash your hands. Raw meat and poultry should be stored away from other food items.

Where can I buy Jimbo's products?

Jimbo’s is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide (including Countdown, Fresh Choice, New World, Pak N' Save, Four Square and SuperValue)

If you’ve got a question we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email or give the Jimbo’s pet care team a call on 0800 738 3663

Jimbo‘s is made in New Zealand
by Real Pet Food Company PO Box 1304, Pukekohe, Auckland.

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