Benefits of a Raw, Meaty Diet

If you want your cat or dog to have fresh-smelling breath, clean teeth, a shiny coat, boundless energy and great health, then feeding a raw, meaty diet can give you these results. Our pets’ bodies were not designed to eat processed, carbohydrate-loaded food – they are biologically prepared to eat fresh meat and all the bits and bones in between. Why feed them a diet that keeps them merely maintained when you can provide them with everything they need to thrive and live a happier, healthier, longer life!

So what’s the big deal about a BARF (Biologically-Appropriate Raw Food) diet for your carnivorous pets? There are so many benefits to feeding your pets a raw, meaty diet, including (but not limited to):


Dental health

Cats and dogs have sharp teeth designed for ripping and tearing at prey. In today’s pets, dental disease is common – but it doesn’t have to be! Feed your cat or dog a raw, size-appropriate bone, to help clean their teeth naturally.

Digestive ease

DID YOU KNOW – raw meat is very easy for carnivores to digest! For example, 97% of the protein in our diets is completely digested – whereas only 85% of the protein in a top dry kibble is digested. That means almost all of the nutrition in our food stays in the body, instead of coming out the other end. Usable nutrition, and less poos out the other end – that’s great news for pets and the owners cleaning up after them!

Skin and coat health

Many of our products contain high levels of essential fatty acids which nourish the skin and coat. All of our raw meat products have high moisture contents – this also helps to keep the skin supple and hydrated.

High protein

Protein is one of the most important parts of a carnivore’s diet, and raw meaty products are high in protein.

Bone and joint health

We have several products that are naturally high in calcium (great for puppies and kittens), and also glucosamine and chondroitin to help keep the bones and joints healthy. Our products that contain ground-up bone (e.g. Chicken Mince and Chicken Sausages) are great sources of these nutrients that are easy to digest.

High moisture content

What is the most important nutrient for survival? WATER! Many people forget that water is a nutrient all in itself. Cats in particular have a low thirst drive – in the wild, most of their daily water intake comes from the food they eat. A raw meaty diet is naturally high in moisture – this keeps the body hydrated and can reduce the incidence of bladder and urinary tract disorders.

Healthy immune system

When you feed highly nutritious, easy-to-digest food, the body is getting more fuel for vital functions such as keeping the immune system healthy. Better nutrition = better vitality.

Weight control

Obesity is another very common problem in pets today, and overweight pets are being seen as the norm. Foods high in carbohydrates, such as many dry foods, contribute to obesity – by feeding a raw, meaty diet this can help with weight control.


Enough good ideas to get you interested in raw feeding? Don’t just take our word on the benefits; treat your pet to a raw, meaty diet and see the changes for yourself!