Turkey & Duck

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450g (Limited Edition)
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Treat your cat to our NEW Limited Edition Turkey & Duck flavour.

Jimbo’s Turkey & Duck is loaded with quality proteins for the good health of your pet. The inclusion of Turkey and Duck are nutrient rich proteins which promote variety into your cat's diet. There is a small amount of heart in the recipe, which adds an additional nutritional boost. Jimbo’s Turkey & Duck has a high moisture content to help ensure your pet stays hydrated.

NB: Jimbo’s Turkey & Duck is available in leading supermarkets from November 23rd.

Limited Edition so be in quick to purchase one of these delicious tubs for your pet.


Beef, beef heart, Pork heart, Turkey, Duck, preservative

As our Jimbo’s products are derived from a range of locally & seasonally produced whole raw materials, there may be slight variations in their smell, colour and texture. Rather than being concerned by these variations, please let them be your assurance that your pet is receiving genuine wholesome natural nutrition, formulated according to the strictest of standards!

The above is a guide only.
Your pets may need more or less food to maintain a healthy body weight.

Please ensure there is always plenty of fresh, clean drinking water available for your pets.

Jimbo's Limited Edition Turkey and Duck 450g