Hearty Beef

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475g & 940g
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Jimbo's Hearty Beef is a nutritious combination of beef and heart, providing a base protein source as well as nutritious offal that supplies extra vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Heart is rich in an amino acid called Taurine, which cats simply can't live without. This product is traditionally marketed as a premium cat food but is great for dogs too. Jimbo's Hearty Beef has a high moisture content to help make sure your pet stays hydrated.
NB: Jimbo's Hearty Beef is available in supermarkets fresh only.


100% New Zealand free range beef, kangaroo with heart.

Fresh product contains preservative.

Daily Feeding Guide

Cat SizeDaily Feed Amount (grams)Daily Feed Amount (dessert spoons)
Small Cat1201.5
Medium Cat1502
Large Cat180+2.5+
Dog SizeDaily Feed Amount (grams)Daily Feed Amount (dessert spoons)
Small Dog2003
Medium Dog3504
Large Dog500+5+

The above is a guide only.
Your pets may need more or less food to maintain a healthy body weight.

Please ensure there is always plenty of fresh, clean drinking water available for your pets.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional ElementTypical Analysis (per 100g)