Our Awards

We kiwis tend to avoid blowing our own trumpets, but when independent experts start handing out awards to the hardworking team at Jimbo’s we think that’s something to crow about!  So here’s a quick overview of some Awards we’ve humbly accepted…




Canstar Blue is an independent research company that in 2016 asked pet owners across New Zealand about the major pet food brands and how much their pets enjoyed their food.

The ratings clearly put us head and furry paws above the rest – we beat out the likes of Purina, Whiskas and Optimum to take the top award.  The most important variables were pet enjoyment (42%), value for money (25%), variety (17%) and packaging (16%); and in 4 out of 5 of these categories we were rated 5 stars and scooped the overall prize.

We agree that pet enjoyment  is particularly important, and we know that you want your animals to have nutritious food that is best for their health and that they love to eat.  So thank you for choosing Jimbo’s and if you were one of our surveyed customers, we appreciate the great endorsement.

Brand Overall
Value For Money Variety / Range Packaging
Jimbo's 5stars 5stars 4stars 5stars 5stars
Beneful 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars
Champ 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars 3stars
Chef 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars
Countdown Homebrand 4stars 3stars 4stars 3stars 3stars
Dine 4stars 4stars 4stars 5stars 4stars
Friskies 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars
Hill's Pet Nutrition 4stars 4stars 3stars 4stars 4stars
Pam's 4stars 4stars 5stars 3stars 4stars
Pedigree 4stars 4stars 4stars 3stars 4stars
Purina 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars
Royal Canin 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars
Whiskas 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars 4stars
Optimum 3stars 4stars 3stars 3stars 3stars

*Overall satisfaction is an individual rating and not a combined total of all ratings. Brands with equal overall satisfaction ratings are listed in alphabetical order. Canstar Blue research finalised in June 2016, published in July 2016.





Who knew the Jimbo’s pottles would be recognised on a world stage?  When we set out on our 18 month quest to redesign our packaging we certainly didn’t, we just wanted to develop something our customers would find easier and more hygienic to use, stack and store.  We not only achieved that but also made them more environmentally responsible and the combination clearly came out on top.

WorldStars are presented only to those packages which, having already won recognition in a national competition, are compared by an expert panel of judges to similar packages from around the world.  The judges make the award to the packaging they all agree is superior in its own right, and better in its execution or innovation than the other entrants.

Seems they all agreed our petfood packaging is pretty perfect! 



WPO Awards



Plus Highly Commended – for Accessibility, Sustainability, Consumer Experience & Emerging Technology

This was the packaging award that came first, by this time we already knew our customers liked the new designs and functionality, so we were happy. 

It was still extremely exciting to receive news of the win and enjoy external acclaim for the work we and the teams at Bonson International and Q-Design Enterprises had put into the packs! 

You can read more about our new Packaging here

2015 Australian Packaging Awards Winner