Jimbo's September Newsletter 2017

Howdy, how're you going?

Doggy Daycare for Senior Citizens
Poppy (our dog) went to daycare for the first time last week. It kinda went like this:

She: "Well, I have a full on day at yada yada yada tomorrow and don’t want to leave Poppy at home because she’s a nut job and will wreck something."

He: "Ah, yeah, I’ve got that meeting at yada yada yada tomorrow then scooting off to youknowwhere so I can’t take her."

Both: Thinking , thinking, thinking...

He (ever the practical one): "How about you drop her off at that Doggy Daycare in Karaka on your way through?"

She: "Yeah, that could work."

And so it was that at the tender age of 11ish that Poppy the dog spent her first day at Doggy Daycare - and what’s even better, they are happy to let her go again. The day in Poppy's mind went like this:

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