Jimbo's October Newsletter 2018

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This month WIN with Jimbo's, and find out why we support "Mixed Feeding".
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In This Month's Newsletter...
  • Gallery -Share your favourite fur family photos and tell us why your pets love Jimbo's to be in to WIN!
  • Mixed Feeding - What this is and why it works,
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Is Jimbo's good for a pet with diabetes?
  • Training Tips - Hybrid Training talks about why playing ball with dogs can be harmful,
  • Competition - Be in to win $30 of Jimbo's vouchers!
Howdy, how're you going?

A poem by Margaret Widdemer...

They call them pussy willows,
But there's not a cat to see,
Except the little furry toes
That stick out on the tree.

I think that very long ago
When I was just born new,
There must have been whole pussy cats
Where just the toes stick through.

And every spring it worries me
I cannot ever find
Those willow cats that ran away
And left their toes behind.
The Jimbo's Gallery

We love seeing photos of your Jimbo's-loving pets. You can click here to send in your fur family photos to our online Gallery, tell us why your pets love Jimbo's and you will go in the monthly draw to WIN $30 of Jimbo's vouchers!
Check out the Jimbo's Gallery!
Congratulations to Shirley from Auckland for winning September's gallery draw with this gorgeous photo of a Maple in her little strawberry house.
Mixed Feeding
What is 'Mixed Feeding' and why does it work?
What is Mixed feeding?
We use the term "mixed feeding" when we feed a mixture of dry, wet and raw foods as well as treats. Last month's survey showed us that 92% of Jimbo's-loving pets  also eat dry food and 74% eat other wet food varieties.
So why does mixed feeding work?
Mixed feeding ensures your pet has the variety he/she needs in the diet, to derive all of the benefits across all food types. We all agree that we would never consider eating only one type of food, and we believe that the same applies to our pets. Variety is the key to a healthy diet, maximum vitality and a long life for your pet!

Each component of the diet plays a different role:

SUSTAIN with DRY FOOD -  Quality, complete & balanced dietary base
ENHANCE with WET FOOD - Add moisture and variety to your pet's diet
CONNECT with TREATS - Engage and bond with special moments
THRIVE with RAW - Minimally processed raw food is the best thing for our carnivorous pets.
Our friends at Fussy Cat and Natures Goodness provide the perfect dry, wet and treat products to feed alongside Jimbo's.

We recommend feeding raw food in a separate meal on its own in a clean bowl. Fresh drinking water should be available 24/7.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our products, or want some feeding advice? Send us your questions for our Pet Advisors to answer.
"Is Jimbo's good for a pet with Diabetes?"

The classic symptoms of diabetes in pets are excessive thirst, increased urination and weight loss despite normal or increased food consumption. It is important to seek a veterinary diagnosis and ongoing veterinary care for your pet who may be insulin (medication) dependent.

There is no single recommended diet for pets with diabetes. The most important factor is that the pet likes the food and eats it willingly. Try to feed the same amount of the same type of food at the same time each day, ideally in two meals 12 hours apart. Keeping the amount of carbohydrates in the diet steady is the best way to keep insulin needs stable.

Great news is that Jimbo's contains NO CARBOHYDRATES!
This is very helpful in supporting a steady blood sugar level.

Because of the strong links between diabetes and pancreatitis as well as other fat-related diseases, a moderately low fat diet may be the safest for your pet. All of the Jimbo's Cat Food products have a low level of fat (some are less than 1%!), and guess what: even our Cat Food products are great for dogs too!

Get in touch with our Pet Advisors with your queries
Training Tips
Jimbo's Fitness & Agility Dog Trainer Kelly, from Hybrid Dog Training, will answer your training questions and provide training tips to try at home!

Kelly studied Zoology and Anatomy/Physiology at the Otago University, and began training her first dog, Brody, 11 years ago. All of Kelly's dogs are now powered by Jimbo's!
Ball Throwing

Did you know that one of the most common ways that pet dogs tear the cruciate ligament in their knee is from ball throwing? Many vet’s will joke that a Chuck-it stick should be renamed ‘Cruciate stick’.

The reason that repetitive ball throwing can be an issue is that pet dogs can be overweight and poorly muscled with structural issues that mean it is easier for them to injure their knees. When you combine this with the unpredictable nature of a ball bouncing, dogs may chase, twist and jump, putting pressure on the knee along with other joints.

What do we really want them to do? Trot, sniff and pee! This is the ultimate in dog relaxation and 'fun'. So let them sniff!

WIN $30 of Jimbo's Vouchers!

Be in to WIN $30 of Jimbo's vouchers simply by answering the following multichoice question correctly - good luck!
What is NOT a benefit of Mixed Feeding?
A. It's a great way to let your pet have a variety of tastes in the diet.
B. Mixed Feeding offers variety in texture - different things to crunch and chew.
C. It makes pets fat.
D. It can help increase the bond between you and your pet.
(To be in to win, simply CLICK on the letter of the answer above that you think is correct.)
Congratulations to  Amanda from Taupo for winning last month's multichoice question competition.
Congratulations also to Jayne from Upper Hutt for winning last month's survey competition.
Thanks for reading guys, that's all for now!
From the team at Jimbo's.
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