Jimbo's October Newsletter 2017

Howdy, how're you going?

The Day we Met ZAP!

So it was more or less an ordinary morning, everything was looking pretty groovy for a Friday, but that was before ZAP.

I went through my normal morning routine; Weetbix, coffee for the drive to work, packed my lunch, piled into the trusty truck with Poppy the dog and set off for the day. Everything was going smoothly - the work day was busy as always, Poppy was firmly ensconced on her bed in my office snoring happily, dreaming of chasing bunnies with feet twitching, when ZAP snuck past and went up the other end of the office. We had never met ZAP before, little did we know eh...

Friday's Pie Day, so the good man from Jesters rocked on up in his little pie truck and I grabbed my regular steak and cheese for a little bit of belly filler to get me through to lunch. Poppy was looking doe-eyed so she managed to score some crust with gravy and back to the grind. So far so good. Suffice to say, I’m glad I managed to grab a pie. Suffice to say… err ZAP was yet to strike.

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