Jimbo's October 2015 Newsletter


Where to start? From humble beginnings, the Jimbo's brand created the natural pet food industry in supermarkets around NZ. We started it off as an offering of meat minced into a plastic bag that stores would weigh, price and sell at store level. Fast-forward 20 years and we are now part of the weekly shop for pet food. Cats and dogs all over NZ are living long, happy, healthy lives on Jimbo's - and it's only getting better.

From this humble beginning in retail to our current containers we have leapt ahead. We are proud of what we have achieved with our new packaging, and it seems others are pretty pleased with it as well. The current looks have been named a finalist in the Australian Packaging Design Awards in the food section, and have been awarded three Highly Commended nods!

Sooo - a big thanks to all who have contributed; Bonson Industrial, QDesign, Garth at Kemistry, and of course the Jimbo's team. Thanks heaps guys!

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