Gidday, how're you going?

We attended the Auckland Pet & Animal Expo last month, and as always there was a veritable host of all creatures great and small. In true Jimbo's tradition, the Jimbo's crew had a ball and gave out lashings of Jimbo's love. There were heaps of faces of people we knew, which was awesome, and we made plenty of new friends. To all of you who popped in to say 'Gidday', thanks heaps! It's great to be able to connect with our customers.

The thing that always amazes me with the events like that is the strong connection between man and beast. When I was chatting away to people about their animals, the behaviour I noticed was that most people smiled when they spoke of their pets. Conversations were normally pretty relaxed and comfortable and a conversation between complete strangers can move down to a fairly personal level very easily. Interesting that just thinking about your pet causes a smile in most people. It is regularly supported in the media that pet ownership improves our lives, and this was confirmed for me once again at the Expo - happy, chilled-out pet owners sliding in for a bit of a yarn.

Taking that a little further, it always amused me when I lived in town that when walking your dog you would meet other dog walkers and you would often as not know the dog’s name but not the owner's. You would comfortably greet the dog with enthusiasm, and give the owner a “Gidday Mate”. You could almost suspect that cats and dogs are actually on a higher plane and are subconsciously affecting our psyche! I have suspected for some time that I am my cat's servant, perhaps there is some truth in that...

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