Jimbo's May Newsletter 2018

Howdy, how're you going?
Kid controlling Cat
I was standing on a beach the other day soaking up a few rays before heading out on the water at a youth sailing regatta when I experienced an interesting situation. There was around 200 kids on the beach in different groups gathered around yachts when a plain tabby cat came walking along the beach front, down a rock wall and onto the beach quite comfortable in its skin. The effect the cat had on the kids was quite remarkable; small groups stopped what they were doing and made a beeline for the cat. They picked it up, patted it, took photos with it and no doubt tweeted, twerked or instagoogled the cat through cyberspace. The cat was a kid wrangler of enviable skill - I guarantee that one kid walking onto a beach of 200 cats would not have the same effect.

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