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Joyful Dogginess

My Mum and Dad have a pocket rocket; that is to say they have an energetic wee scally-wag of a dog named Molly. She’s what some would call a miniature Foxy, she’s what I would call a fart in a jar waiting for someone to take the lid off. When they do, woohoo, it’s like I’m only little but I have the energy of something twice the size that’s powered by Kryptonite and I’m going to show you just how exciting that is all in one simple movement that involves my whole body wriggling and accelerating at close to the speed of sound while dodging most things in my path while circumnavigating the space that I currently occupy. Just the thought of it makes me tired, add to this explosion of energetic excitability my old girl Poppy, and the whole situation intensifies to a point of a black, white and brown blur defying the laws of modern physics, gravity and all canine logic and sensibilities while causing distress, hilarity and genuine concerns for all personal and public safety for all people in the near vicinity.

Fortunately, as with most explosions, this intense blast of little dogginess is short and quickly settles into (when Poppy is around) a robust game comprising of tag, tug-of-war, fetch and play fighting. In the absence of Poppy I am often the recipient of this attention and it can make it difficult to have a quiet beer.

The point of this wandering of my mind is merely a reflection on my last visit where the two dogs over the period of two hours played, rolled around, tugged, fetched and rumbled pretty much the whole time. Their meetings are always joyful, their play-fights nothing but play and their energy and enthusiasm for playing for the sheer joy is notable.

I’m not sure what it is in a dogs psyche that’s makes them like this but I think we can learn a lot from it. Pleasure from one anothers' company, joy for the sake being joyful and play like there’s no tomorrow. Ah, the simple things in life.

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When a new fur baby joins the family we naturally want to feed them the best. Good nutrition is especially important for young animals - they are growing at a fast rate, and they need good food to fuel that development. Jimbo's makes a great addition to any puppy or kitten's diet, and you can feed it to them as soon as they are weaned on to solid food.

Kittens and puppies need plenty of calories, so healthy fat is important. If you are looking for a high-energy product with a bit of everything in it, check out our Chicken Sausages - these include chicken (as well as finely ground bone for added calcium), lamb, offal (heart, liver, kidney and green unbleached tripe), as well as Tukkathyme (a grain-free muesli for added fibre). These were designed for dogs, but cats love them too. The edible casing can be removed for easier chewing.


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Catz Incorporated Riverside Cat Show
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Manukau Dog Training Championship Obedience & Rally Obedience Show
Date: Sunday 29th May
Time: 9:00am
Venue: NZKC Ardmore Exhibition Centre

Elementary Obedience entries will be accepted on the day.
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