Jimbo's May 2015 Newsletter

It was a funny month just gone in my house. As a family, there is my wife, my two daughters and myself, and of course the animals.
Ono the cat, as I have described previously, doesn’t particularly like the dog so generally only comes inside in the evenings and sleeps on the bed. She will take attention from anyone and loves to smooch but is equally happy just to curl up on the foot of the bed. She is pretty cruisy and not too demanding.
Then there is Poppy. She has oodles of love for everyone and expresses it in a multitude of ways. Joyful barking people love, single-speed-tail-wagging people love, double-speed-tail-wagging people love, triple-levitational-speed-tail-wagging people love, mad running-hooneyrama-dog people love, pinch-your-sock-I’m-so-excited people love and many, many more.

Soooo, it was a funny month in my house last month because for much of the school holidays there were no kids at home. I found, when I arrived home at night, with 50% less peoples arriving home every day, there was 50% more dog love to go around. The arrival at home was greeted with this incredibly effusive beast that had been waiting all day for someone to show her appreciation of human awesomeness too and I would receive a full blast.
I don’t know if you have ever seen a dog trying to steal a slipper while barking, running in circles at full speed and freedom-joy-jumping at the same time but she looked a bit like a hairy epileptic spider with a cough.
Add to that 50% less couch occupation and a slight phrase, comment or inclination of the head was deemed sufficient acknowledgement for the fastest on-the-couch move I think I have ever seen. Suffice to say, I feel much loved by Poppy, the kids are back home again and things are back to normal.

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