Jimbo's March Newsletter 2018

Howdy, how're you going?
I was thinking outside the square the other day, not an extraordinary occurrence, wondering what kind of role Poppy (my mad crazy dog) could have usefully played in society in her younger days. Now, she's a bit like a fart in a jar at a caucus meeting waiting to be let out.
So, I wondered how she would go as a:
Guide dog: I came to the conclusion that she would be excellent for visually-impaired people wishing to compete in the 100m hurdles at the Olympics.
Border patrol and drug sniffing: no chance, she was mad enough without letting her near anything like that, one sniff of a narcotic and she would have been even more of a mad crazy fool dog.
Police dog: She would have raced the offender as far as they wanted to run rather than tackle them, if however they fell over, she would disable them with ticklish licking, leaping on them and pulling off their socks.

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