Jimbo's March 2015 Newsletter

I thought I would start with a line from an Ad that used to run for an energy drink and then seamlessly slide it across to Jimbo's. "[A Certain Energy Drink] gives you wings" - we have all seen it, heard it and maybe even a few have tried it. It’s pretty artificial, tastes ok and certainly puts a boot up your fuufi bit with regards to energy when you need it, but eating well will often have the same effect. The reason this springs to mind is that I was serving in the factory shop yesterday when a chap came in who owns a little Shih Tzu (I know; two months in a row we talk about Shih Tzus). He started describing to me the effect feeding Jimbo's for one week has had on his dog - she's gained some weight (which she needed to do), her coat has improved, she is more alert and has more energy. Why did he start feeding Jimbo's? He had lost the last two dogs he owned prematurely to cancers and so he started researching. Through this research he began to feel that dried food might be a contributing factor and was swayed by evidence strongly supporting the movement towards a more natural diet for his dog.

Now, we are relating the story here not to make a judgement, but certainly in the time we have been in the industry (soon to be 50 years!) we can't deny that we are seeing more and more people moving back to a more natural, biologically-appropriate approach to feeding their animals. How does this relate to "This Energy Drink gives you wings"? Well, Jimbo's gives you wings! I have this 9-year-old supercalifragilisticexpialidogcious Staffy Lab named Poppy, and she is vibrant. I mean, if she was a rainbow there would be a goldmine at the end of her tail. If she was sprinter she would make Usain Bolt look like my Nana. If she was a hummingbird her wings would play Mozart. You get the picture, eh. That's her in the photo up the top there. Why is she so vibrant? Well, I can only relate it to diet and exercise. From a genetic perspective she is attuned to greeting you at the door with a slipper and then challenging you to a tug of war while trying to hop on your lap and hoovering crumbs from down the side of the chair. We regularly hear these stories, see the evidence and continue to be given feedback. The truth is plain to see: Jimbo's give you wings; feed to thrive, not survive.


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