Jimbo's June Newsletter 2018

Howdy, how're you going?
My All Black cat is not an All Black fan
It's a beautiful sun-shiny winter's day up here on the Bombays and you can see for miles... The team are busy beavering away making NZ's favourite chilled pet food and I’m reflecting on the rugby from last Saturday night, not because the All Blacks were awesome but because my All Black Cat isn’t too keen on the All Blacks.

It was a quiet Saturday night at home and the All Blacks were playing France. The fire was crackling away in the background, dog snoring in front of it, and the AB's were looking pretty dominant.
So far so good.

Ono, the cat, sidled in, skirted the dog and settled on the couch for a little man-pats-cat attention. Everything was going fine, AB's were doing what they do best, cat was getting attention and man was in a good space... But then... But then... Storming up the field came the AB's, tension was building and just as they were looking like scoring again, they knocked the ball forward and it was at that point I realised a couple of key points:

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