Jimbo's June 2015 Newsletter

Howdy, how’re you doin’?

Well folks, distressing times in the land down under, our Ozzie mates have gone barking mad I tell you! Click here to see what they're saying about robot dogs replacing real ones!

Some professor reckons that in 10 years we will have computerised pets as opposed to real ones. I can just see that... The scene is set: the trainer instructs the owner on how to train the dog... “Now with a firm stance and an even firmer voice, say 'SIT!'"
And the dog says, “Computer dog says 'no'.” And there we have it ladies and gents, the bond of centuries between man and dog is destroyed. As for cats, they are cantankerous enough without giving them the ability to google, can you imagine it!

I think we need to rethink our plans on New Product Development if this is the case. I have checked out a number of computer terms and if this comes to pass, here is the guide to future terminology of pet ownership:

Defragment - a smallish cat or dog
Mega Bites - dog bones
Gigabyte - really big dog bones
Downloads - doggy doos on the lawn
Google Drive - designated dog walking area
Hibernate - sleeping pet
Joystick - dog chew toy
Memory Stick - dog toy that never gets lost
Analog - massive stick
Safe Mode - decommissioned police dog
Debugger - Toyota dog

So guys, this is just the beginning, I vote against cyber pets, ba humbug Ozzie professor, boo hoo to cyber tail wags, buzz off tamagotchis - go rescue a real pet today and get a real fur baby!

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