Jimbo's July Newsletter 2018

Howdy, how're you going?
Dog: man’s best friend, until...
Well, winter is upon us and the chills are sneaking in. Great to see a few frosty mornings up here in the north to kill the bugs.

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend and therefore man must conversely be dog's best friend, but I have reason to question this long-held belief at the moment; I believe my dog's allegiance has changed. Whilst I have a very warm and engaging personality, am a great whistler of popular tunes, have a hairy chest, funny skinny legs  and obviously a smile that makes the birds sing and the sun shine more brightly, the warmth and comradery I bring to the man and dog relationship is currently not being reciprocated.

My dog Poppy is an ageing staffy cross of normal proportions, agreeable temperament and questionable morals when it comes to food. As such she is rewarded with the run of the house, excellent food, she is allowed to snuggle onto certain pieces of furniture (provided she makes herself look like a pillow) and afforded the great joy of having dog pyjamas in winter.

She is also a great chaser of the sun, an excellent companion and a good hot water bottle for nana naps on the weekend, but of late there has been a change in her demeanour. Normally very willing, pliable, accommodating and compliant she has found a new master and best friend which has meant that the normally willing, compliant and accommodating dog is displaying interesting characteristics.

When the new Master does not beam with warmth as is its nature, Poppy is sad and depressed, when new Master is beaming warmth and joy, said dog is happy and at piece at said Master's feet - so far so good, however, when we try to separate them we have a raft of disagreeable behaviours.

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