Jimbo's July Newsletter 2017

Howdy, how're you going?
Howdy (Meowdy),
Welcome to the Jimbo's Newsletter with an excerpt written by the cat who shall remain anonymous(e) but is named Max.
Deep in the heart of winter on a wintry winter's day the Jimbo's sales team came to my home for their sales meeting, a team of almost 20 gathered around and weren’t they delighted to see me - I am, after all, purrrfectly charming.
You see, I have this particular feline charm and beguiling way about me and managed to slip quietly into the meeting and become privy to all the Jimbo's secrets.
Oooh, the things I learned would please and delight you all... The taste testing was the best, Jimbo's team lunch was particularly, how can I say, carnivorous; everything this feline Jimbo's fan loves.
Then there are the people, suckers for a little “feline infidelity” shall we say, and so I of course smooched and purred my way into their hearts.
It would be fair to say, by the end of their meeting, they were Maxxed out… meeow.

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