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Howdy, how're you going?

Welcome to the Jimbo's July Newsletter. Here we are deep in the heart of winter, mud puddles everywhere and soon-to-be daffodils and ducklings gracing the landscape.
Given that it's winter and the chill is on, Poppy the dog is Pyjamafied every night before bed and it’s always a little of a battle. It kinda goes like this:

Dad: “Okay bud, time for bed, PJs on and piddle and poo.”
Poppy (mind bubble): “Oh but Dad it's cold out there and scary and wet and the fire's sooo warm and do I have to...!?”

This becomes the classic “Staffy Roll” upside down, feet-in-the-air gone floppy-dog.
Dave: “Pop; bunnies and possums."
Poppy (mind bubble): "Really, again, same as last night!? Woohoo, woohoo woohoo here I go!!” and suddenly it's action stations hooning out the door and looking for the bunnies.

On the return trip, PJ’s are applied and a Jimbo's Dog Treat at bed time.
From there until morning, Poppy is asleep shut away in her bed (in the kids' bathroom). Morning comes and as I am an early riser, Poppy is my first interaction of the day. A slow rise and stretch for Poppy as I make my way to the front door to let her out. As the door opens in a blur of unfathomable enthusiasm, Poppy the Rocket exits the door with a blur of fur and a growing growl which is demon-banisher on patrol. A quick circuit of the property, tail and hackles up in a bizarre canine manifestation of a hedgehog on steroids. Once all demons have been banished it's through the front door, check for misplaced cat food then off to the bed for a cuddle.
On the odd occasion when there is both peoples out of the bed early and no cuddles, the look of dismay and sheer indignation normally results in a quick comfort cuddle on the couch or chair just to settle her down. We are, after all, a 20kg lap dog.

The process seldom changes; the interactions are part of the fabric of our lives.
Little wonder that when I am away travelling Poppy sits at the front door waiting for Dad. She is a by-product of my influence; any behavioural issues are probably mine, good bad or indifferent. Dogs are a part of our lives; they give back what we put in; they show us loyalty, compassion and wag their tales - not their tongues. They have a place in society and thank goodness for that.

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Product News

Jimbo's Frozen Products

If you want to feed a 100% preservative-free product, take a look at our range of frozen options. We have

Chicken Mince, Chicken Medallions, Lamb Medallions and Chicken Sausages. All of these products have various benefits, and all are 100% preservative-free and completely natural. Next time you are in your supermarket have a quick look in the supermarket freezers for our frozen range of products, great for both cats and dogs!
The Jimbo's Gallery
We love to hear all about your pets! Send in your fur family photos to our online Gallery and share their stories with us and the rest of the world. Every entry goes in the monthly draw to WIN $30 of Jimbo's vouchers!
Congratulations to Barb from Masterton for winning June's draw with the above photo of Coco with her new winter coat.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a question about our products, or want some feeding advice? Send us your questions for our Pet Advisor to answer.
"Do I need to cook Jimbo's before feeding it to my pets?"

Some pet owners think that because people can get sick easily from eating raw meat, their pets will too. Remember that cats and dogs in the wild thrive on fresh meat - it's the best thing for them, and they have all sorts of natural defences to combat potentially harmful bacteria in food. For example, cats and dogs have different bacteria in their stomachs (compared to humans) that help them digest raw meat.

If your pet has never had raw meat before, we would suggest feeding a small amount at first to get used to it (see last month's newsletter for more information). We don't recommend cooking it; cooking our products actually makes them less nutritious, and they can be harder to digest.


30 Second Survey

Would you like to win $30 of Jimbo's vouchers? Simply fill out our quick survey about why you started feeding Jimbo's, and be in to WIN!
Congratulations to Paula from Hamilton for winning last month's survey draw.

Upcoming Events

Every month Jimbo's sponsors different animal-related events around the country. Below are some upcoming events, proudly sponsored by Jimbo's. For more information on any of these events visit the Club's contact page or get in touch with us.
Sacred Temple Cat Club Show
Date: Saturday 9th July
Time: 9:30am
Venue: Indian Cultural Hall, corner of Udy Street & Nelson Street, Petone
Price: Adults - $4.00. Children - $2.00. Family - $8.00

This is a specialist Birman show, in all colours - seal/blue/chocolate/lilac/red/cream with Totrie point and Tabby point.

Catz Inc. Karnak National Show
Date: Sunday 31st July
Entries open until 18th July.

Catz Inc. Website

Join us as Munchkins, Gaelic Folds, Main Coons and many more compete to be our Karnak winner for 2016. Our judges are from NZ and Australia, our breeders from all over the country. It will be a great outing for the family.

Congratulations to the Ridge Runners Sled Dog Racing Club who ran a successful Cup Race over the 25th/26th of June. With bikejoring, scooter classes and more it sounds like a fantastic event. Next year, no doubt, will be even bigger and better.

For more information, click here to visit the RRR's Facebook page.

Thanks for reading guys, that's all for now.
From Dave and the team at Jimbo's.
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