Jimbo's July 2015 Newsletter

How’re you doin’?

Gidday. Pretty exciting week this week folks, this Friday is official Take Your Dog To Work Day and we are going to celebrate. Being a pet-friendly workplace as we are, there are regular canine visitors cruising through the office and it has a positive effect on the day for all the peoples.

I am an early starter and when Poppy the dog comes in with me she has her routines. First up: check the rubbish bins. She literally goes office-by-office just to suss out if there are any little tiny leftover bits that are seriously doggylicious.
From there it’s the official Daily Greeter role: all office entrants must be met by a bounding, tail-wagging, joyous, where-have-you-been-all-my-life, pat me pat me pat me Poppy just to get them into the right headspace to tackle the day.
Once everyone has been met it's time for a toes-up under Dad's desk, then Poppy turns into a bit of a turncoat and will cruise across the office to the rattle of a spoon on a yoghurt pot or the rustle of a Mickydees bag, and all that training around food goes out the window when those sad, brown eyes and the chin on the thigh are put to good use.

You can visit the Take Your Dog To Work Day Facebook page HERE.

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