Jimbo's January 2016 Newsletter

Well, Christmas has passed us by again and our Jimbo's Purrrfect Pressie and Christmas-wrapped Beef and Lamb dog food seemed to work a treat from all the feedback we had. Thanks to all of you who sent through photos of your animals enjoying our products; makes it all worthwhile.

We kept the factory running through the Christmas period but I managed to spend a day or so at the beach, and it reminded me what an awesome country we live in. Wide open spaces, blue skies, sunshine and cool kiwis everywhere. The other thing I noticed was the dogs around the place; heaps of heads out windows with wind blowing through their hair. Dogs bounding up and down beaches, chasing balls, playing in the surf and being paddled around on kayaks and paddle boards. As a nation we tend to involve our dogs in our day-to-day and leisure activities. Interestingly, they just accept and adapt to whatever we are doing. They don’t have any of the preconceptions of people or aversions to activities that are not normal day-to-day, they generally just go with the flow.

My girl, Poppy, was quite happy cruising around the harbour on the front of the kayak, being ferried about the place looking like the Queen of Sheba. Equally, she was just as comfortable sitting in the boat for an hour or two while we gathered scallops and went for a fish. Every now and then she would poke her head over the side and check out the seagulls, or just give me a nudge to remind me she was there. It’s no wonder they are man's best friend; we can learn a lot from them.

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