Jimbo's February Newsletter 2018

Howdy, how're you going?
Welcome to this month's action-packed newsletter. And some food for thought...

Dogs : Better than mobile phones and Facebook because...
I was out for a run tonight (scary eh; slightly muffined hairy middle-aged dude puffing and panting over the pavement) and happened across heaps of people I had to dodge as I traversed the streets of the city I am in. Dodging because most of them were walking while looking at their mobile devices; none of them had the time to look up and say 'Gidday' to slightly hairy muffined middle-aged dude; no, they had business on their phones that was more important than walking in a straight line. In fact, they didn’t even have the time to notice the world going by; the very small world contained in that flat screen of some 3 by 6 inches was seemingly all they needed to get by in life.

And then, I came across a park. It was a lovely little park filled with swiping tails (not fingers), scenting (not sending), sniffing (not snapchatting) and there amongst all the wagging tails and tongues were people.

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