Jimbo's February 2015 Newsletter


How are you goin'? Here we are into a new year already and fast tracking into February. I was fortunate enough to have a wee break in the middle there and spent time with my family at my parents' bach just chilling on the deck.

Poppy the dog came along, and as the saying goes there was "Every man and his dog." Big ones, little ones, Hairy Mclaries and all manner of canine beast. Now, in the past Poppy has been a very active greeter of canines and humans alike, and has always been keen on sauntering up to the fence and putting her feet up on the top rail and wagging her tail as a sign of welcome. Responses have been varied to say the least but typically friendly - this year however we had a new bunch of dogs in the area that decided dispensing with the traditional nose-through-the-fence-for-a-bit-of-a-sniff was called for in favour of cruising on under the fence and making yourself at home. I’m glad Poppy is of an age and temperament to “handle the jandal” so to speak, and just takes all new-comers in her stride. There was Diesel the three-legged Schnauzer (who actually owns the whole bay don’t you know), Elvis the chunky Shitzu (and he was a little Shitzu) who could leap under low wires in a single bound, and a whole host of others.

To that end, when out walking we were approached by many dogs that were not on lead and wanted to assert their dominance. They would rush in barking, normally followed by an owner that screeches “[Dogs' Name] rarararara!” From this I can only conclude the dog would thereby assume an endorsement of its bravado thereby not actually addressing the issue. Funny really; the dogs are smart enough - perhaps some owners need training? But to the point of this little tale, there is a great scheme up and running that clearly identifies to other pet owners what you are dealing with when approached by a new dog - really great ides, click to check out the Friendly Dog Collars New Zealand Facebook page.

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