Jimbo's December Newsletter 2017

Howdy, how're you going?

Well, it’s been a big year. I have to start by thanking our amazing team at Jimbo's for pulling things through. We have a talented, hardworking and fun bunch of people in the business that makes our brand great.
Thanks to you all, our loyal customers, for helping us make this an amazing brand that we can have a bit of fun with.
Have a safe and happy Christmas and a fun filled New Year. Here’s a little ditty to lighten the load...

CC's Night Before Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas and out of the door,
Came a house-lot of puppies; one, two, three and four,
All chasing a cat, the fearless CC,
Who swirled straight around and said 'come unto me'.
He arched up his back and fluffed up his tail,
He opened his mouth and emitted a wail,

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