Gidday, how're you going?
Moving right into the silly season as we are, it’s an opportune time to give thanks to my awesome team of staff who have worked hard all year to manufacture and service our products - and, of course, to you all for your ongoing custom. Have an awesome Christmas everyone!

Well, some interesting things happened the other day:

A; it was my birthday,

B; I wore a groovy shirt to work,

C; My wife popped in with lunch and brought the dogasaurus (Poppy),

D; Poppy went quite silly and hooned like a hooney dog around the office.

It was about this time that Zoe, my oldest, sent me a link to a research paper stating that your clothes can alter your dog's mood. Aha - the penny dropped, Poppy was affected by my groovy shirt!
Thinking more along these lines, I have other items of clothing that affect said critter. I pull on gumboot socks and it’s a 'Woohoo, wohoohoohoooo!!!' morning because we’re 'going for a walk – we’re going for a walk!!!'
I put on my going-out-on-the-town clothes and it’s a 'I’m really really small and being absorbed into my cuddly bed cause I don’t wanna stay at home…'
And with the barkers trackies and a comfy sweatshirt Poppy goes into 'I’m a lap dog mode' - obviously the research doesn’t lie.

You can check out the research here.

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