Jimbo's August Newsletter 2017

Howdy, how're you going?

The winter chill is upon us with ski fields opening around the country in the last month, my daffodils have all put their heads up and the early cheer are flowering in abundance in my garden. The first of the season's lambs have started gambolling around the paddocks next door; spring must be in the air.

I went to bed the other day and forgot to leave some Jimbo's out for Ono the cat - silly me, must have been a little over-tired. Ono is a sweet little black cat of around 13 years of age and she only comes in at night as she doesn’t really get on with the dog. The latest announcement of her desire to come in from the cold is the vertical front foot running up the window pane on the outside of the bedroom door with a funny little "ow, ow, ow," noise to push the point.

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