Jimbo's August 2015 Newsletter


There is an old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Maybe true and maybe not, but hey, who cares; they are an old dog.

I popped in to visit my Uncle the other day (another old dog but that’s another story) and after a while my Aunty rocked on in. She took a while to come through the door and was talking too and encouraging someone - I thought perhaps it was a grandchild, but no, it was a rattly old Staffy cross. Brindle and grey with a bit of a wobble going on, a few battle scars and a layer of winter insulation round the middle, he was the epitome of an old dog. I find it interesting that an old dog, when loved, is always given an introduction by the owner; this was the case with this old boy. “The daughter's dog but he’s staying with us for a while. Lovely old boy, a Staffy (Heinz 57 variety), has a liver issue but he is - (how old is he?) - yeah; about 14. He’s getting preeetty slow these days, unless you go to the beach!”

The old boy sidles over and does the Staffy lean, gives a bit of a rumble and settles in for a scratch. Nothing much in that - he is, after all, the master of manipulation and can elicit a scratch from anyone he chooses. That aside, there is something about an old dog that resonates with me. They have been loyal, companionable, protective and accepting, and when they lean in to you for that scratch I kind of feel the vibe coming through from them that, not sure, but it kinda says, "I’m an old soul but I’m here for you if you need me."

This month's newsletter is dedicated to all the old dogs out there.

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