Jimbo's April Newsletter 2018

Howdy, how're you going?
We have been experiencing a colder snap over the last couple of weeks and the mice have decided that it’s time to move indoors at my place. Having two daughters, one cat and a dog that is (to say the least) a bit of a loose unit provides a certain kind of entertainment when you throw a fast scurrying rodent into the mix.

 My daughters normally spot the mouse first and squeal like a boy racer's tyres at the traffic lights, which is like giving the dog a jab in the butt with a cattle prod. She springs off her mat like a mad thing possessed; ears up, tail up, bouncing about the place looking for the next most exciting thing that she needs to be involved in. The challenge is to get the dog to understand what the excited chatter is about and to focus. The mouse has the distinct advantage of confusion on its side and while the dog is bounding about the furniture sniffing, snuffling and snorting and for all intents and purposes looking like Scooby Doo after a can of energy drink, directed (and spurred on) by the excited yabbering of two young girls.

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