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Howdy, how're you going?

I'm writing this at the end of another stunning summer's day, and am just reflecting on a couple of visitors we have had this week.
Stella the Jack Russell came in for the day with Amy. A 13-year-old lady (that’s Stella) with a need for a little TLC, she was pretty keen to give everyone the tail wagging sniff and pleased-to-meet-you greeting as everyone filed in. From there she just curled up on her bed, lay down her furry head and chilled for the day. I did notice she had managed to find a lap to sit on for a little while part way through the day and I’m sure she snuck in a few sneaky nibbles at lunch time.
She remained moderately interested in everyone and everything until the end of the day when Amy was ready to go, keys in hand, dog bed under the arm and handbag duly swung - with Amy ready Stella only had eyes for her. I tried to get a goodbye pat out of Stella and was greeted with a “Get real dude,” look as she only had one thing on her mind: a car ride.
Then there were the two orphaned kittens - Sam (our Pet Advisor) fosters kittens and had two 3-week-old office companions for a couple of days this week. Carted in to have Sam keep an eye on them during the day, similarly needing a little TLC, they managed their fair share of cuddles for the day. Already tucking into their Jimbo's they are being well catered to.

They did cause a few problems however... their photos were posted on the Jimbo's Facebook page, my daughters caught wind of them, I was questioned at great length and bullied and badgered as to Why, What, Who and How. The next, more obvious question, was When, Dad, when can we see them and when can we adopt them! I wavered, only briefly, but did not relent. Much as I would love to let the girls have a kitten each, at 16 and 15 years old they will be leaving home soon enough and I realised I might end up with a few extras if I relented. Practical, yes, preferable, no. Such is life.
Featured Products
Jimbo's Frozen Medallions

Our frozen products can sometimes be missed because of where they sit in the supermarket (you'll find them in the freezers, often near human consumption food), but they are worth the quick search. All of our frozen products are 100% preservative-free, and both cats and dogs can enjoy them! Among the range we have tasty Chicken Medallions and Lamb Medallions. These medallions are portioned into free-flowing patties - they are convenient to feed, and make a fantastic little dog iceblock on a hot day.

If you have real trouble finding them simply ask the Butchery staff to assist you. You can also email us to find out which stores near you stock these frozen products.
The Jimbo's Gallery

We love seeing photos of your Jimbo's-loving pets. Send in your fur family photos to our online Gallery and you will go in the monthly draw to WIN $30 of Jimbo's vouchers!
Congratulations to Nettie for winning February's draw with the above photo of her 13-year-old retriever Tilly sharing afternoon tea with her granddaughter.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our products, or want some feeding advice? Send us your questions for our Pet Advisor to answer.
"Can I feed my cat the frozen Jimbo's products?"

Jimbo's 100% preservative-free products are tailored for dogs, as stated on the label, but they are also suitable for cats.

The main difference between our cat and dog food is that the dog food tends to have higher fat contents in comparison to the cat food - so if your pet is prone to weight gain we would recommend one of our lower-fat products.

If your pet is active, needs to gain some weight, or is growing quickly (i.e. puppies & kittens) the Jimbo's frozen products would make a fantastic addition to the diet!
WIN $30 of Jimbo's Vouchers!

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Which of the following is NOT a Jimbo's frozen product?
A. Lamb Medallions
B. Chicken Medallions
C. Jimbo's Supreme
. Chicken Sausages
(To be in to win, simply CLICK on the letter of the answer above that you think is correct.)
Congratulations to Lynley for winning last month's question competition.
The Jimbo's Breeders Club

Are you a breeder who recommends Jimbo's to your new pet owners? The Jimbo's Breeders Club makes sure breeder friends of Jimbo's send their kittens and puppies to new homes with some raw feeding information and a few goodies to try. If you would like to join the Jimbo's Breeders Club you can contact our Pet Advisor on sam@jimbos.co.nz and she will set you up!
Upcoming Events

Every month Jimbo's proudly sponsors cat and dog events around the country. Here's what we have coming up this month.
Metropolitan Shorthair Cat Club

Date: Saturday 18th March
Time: 10am-3pm
Venue: Onehunga Community House, 83 Selwyn Street, Onehunga, Auckland

This show includes all Pedigree Shorhair breeds and Domestic cats.
Catz Incorporated Kumeu Cat Show

Date: Saturday 18th March
Time: 9:30am-3:00pm
Venue: Kumeu Community Hall, 35 Access Road, Kumeu
Entries will be accepted until 12th March.

Visit the Catz Inc. website
Thanks for reading guys, that's all for now!
From Dave and the team at Jimbo's.
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