This month we introduce you to our Jimbo's Fitness and Agility Dog Trainer!
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Howdy, how're you going?
Well, winter is just around the corner and the cats and dogs of NZ are letting us know as sales have picked up - all it takes is a drop of a few degrees and our factory output jumps every year.
Cats will always seem a little hungrier than normal this time of year as their bodies are attuned to the weather change and start to bulk up their fur for insulation. Given that fur or hair is essentially protein, the amount of protein going in will always need to be lifted to compensate for this - so if your moggy is hanging around a little more than usual and seeming to be a bit of a guts, there’s a reason why.
Big excitement in my house last week: the rule of thumb is that there are to be no fires before May, and despite the fact that there were a couple of chilly April days the embargo was in place, but come the first of May it was all on for young and old.
To get to that point we have the annual picking-up-sticks fun which means the firewood has all been cut and stacked away. The peoples were ably assisted by the ever helpful quadruped who, upon realising it was time for collecting sticks, duly applied herself to the task of stick collection with vigour, joy and enthusiasm. This comes in 3 categories:
Category 1: Helpful stick collecting : Quadruped is ever helpful with picking up sticks, trotting up the driveway with stick in mouth and then proceeding to make stick into small (match-like) pieces of kindling.

Category 2: Protect the Stick : Quadruped initiated stick collection, protectionism and loss minimisation; this is otherwise known as stick Tug o' War.

Category 3: Random Acts of Joy stick collecting :  This is just plain dangerous; quadruped picks up the longest stick possible then runs between the peoples with reckless abandon, 'unknowingly' taking them out at the knees.
It’s always good fun and the beauty of collecting firewood: it gets you warm twice.
Given her involvement in the stick collecting game (because that’s surely what it is), said quadruped then attains the status of Grand High Poohbah in front of the fire in the closest proximity that is so close we are hot to touch but not quite spontaneously combusting, snoring joyfully while enjoying the fire.
Happy Autumn everyone.
Cautionary note, while I let my dog pick up and carry sticks, I recommend never throwing sticks for dogs as it can pose a threat if they land wrong.
Christchurch Pet Expo
We had a fantastic time recently at the Christchurch Pet & Animal Expo - the team loved meeting new friends and chatting with long-time Jimbo's fans, and we have to admit that Sheeba (pictured here) was undoubtedly the star of the show. There are more Expos happening around the country later on in the year, so watch this space for details!
HUGE congratulations to Simon from Christchurch for winning our Pet Expo competition - Simon has won three months of FREE Jimbo's pet food for his bulldog, Maggie!
The Jimbo's Gallery

We love seeing photos of your Jimbo's-loving pets. Send in your fur family photos to our online Gallery and you will go in the monthly draw to WIN $30 of Jimbo's vouchers!
Congratulations to Michelle from Hamilton for winning April's draw with her photo of Romeo above. Romeo and his 12 cat friends all love their Jimbo's!
Product Updates
Kangaroo as an ingredient

We are growing all the time - this is great news for our furry friends as it means more and more of them have nutritious raw meat in their diets. For us at the Jimbo's factory it does mean our Production team is feeling some pressure, and unfortunately we are finding it difficult sourcing enough raw material to meed the demand for our products.

To ensure our kitty and canine companions don't go hungry, from the beginning of June we will be supplementing three of our beef-based products with a small amount of premium quality, free-range kangaroo meat. Kangaroo is a very nutritious, low fat red meat that is high in protein, iron and B vitamins. It is hypoallergenic, very tasty, and is extremely similar to beef in terms of its texture, consistency and colour. We gave dozens of cats some of our new recipes to try and they all licked their bowls clean - we are confident your feline friends will love them too! Below are the products we will be adding a small amount of kangaroo to in the coming weeks:
Jimbo's Beef
Jimbo's Steak 'N' Kidney
Jimbo's Hearty Beef

This change in recipe will be reflected on the ingredients list on the label. If you are after a 100% beef option, our Supreme is one of our best-selling products and its recipe is not affected by this change. If you would like any more information about kangaroo or any of our products please email our Pet Advisor on sam@jimbos.co.nz
Training Tips

We are delighted to introduce the new Jimbo's Fitness & Agility Dog Trainer! Kelly, from Hybrid Dog Training, will answer your training questions every month and provide training tips to try at home! Welcome on board Kelly!

For now, have a look at her video on one of her dogs learning how to open and close the crate door for the first time!
Kelly studied Zoology and Anatomy/Physiology at the Otago University, and began training her first dog, Brody, 11 years ago. Brody, a Siberian Husky X Border Collie, had multiple health issues, and was the reason Kelly began looking to raw feeding to improve the health of her pets.

Kelly now has three very different dogs who are all powered by Jimbo's. Chace (pictured), is a flygility and agility champion. Deo, the 'middle child', is a Fox Terrier X, and is a jumpers grand champion. Evolution, a Border Collie, has just started competing. Kelly is looking forward to sharing her experience and passion with other pet owners interested in pet health and wellbeing.
Have a training/behavioural query? Email us!
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our products, or want some feeding advice? Send us your questions for our Pet Advisor to answer.
"My pets don't eat bones - where can they get calcium from?"

Many pet owners feed separate meals of dry food and Jimbo's raw food, which is perfectly fine to do.

If you are only feeding raw food, you do need to make sure that there is some bone content in the diet - this is an important source of calcium and other essential nutrients. Some Jimbo's products actually contain minced bone, providing digestible calcium and other goodies. The following products contains minced bone, are 100% preservative-free and are safe to feed to dogs and cats:

- Chicken Mince
- Chicken Medallions
- Chicken Sausages
Email us your product/nutritional queries
WIN $30 of Jimbo's Vouchers!

Be in to WIN $30 of Jimbo's vouchers simply by answering the following multichoice question correctly - good luck!
Which of the following Jimbo's products does NOT contain minced bone for added calcium and other nutrients?
A. Chicken Mince
B. Lamb Medallions
C. Chicken Sausages
. Chicken Medallions
(To be in to win, simply CLICK on the letter of the answer above that you think is correct.)
Congratulations to Lindsay from Amberley for winning last month's multichoice competition.
Upcoming Events

Here are this month's upcoming events, proudly sponsored by Jimbo's.
Mt Eden Cat Show
Catz Inc.

Date: Sunday 27th May
Time: 9:30am-3:30pm
Venue: Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 489 Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland
Entries: accepted via email until 20th May

Come along to meet the breeders and a range of beautiful breeds!

Visit the Catz Inc. website
Championship Obedience & Rally Obedience Show
Manukau Dog Training Club

Date: Sunday 28th May
Time: from 9:00am
Venue: NZKC Ardmore Exhibition Centre, Auckland
Entries: Elementary Obedience Entries are open on the day for $5.00

Watch a range of different breeds doing obedience and rally-o!

Visit the MDTC website
Thanks for reading guys, that's all for now!
From Dave and the team at Jimbo's.
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