Jimbo's December Newsletter 2018

Christmas comes early with Jimbo's!
Wishing you and your fur families a safe and joyful festive season!
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Howdy, how're you going?

My Best Friend - Abby Jenkins

My Best Friend


Published: March 2011

Black and white
Thick and furry
Fast as the wind
Always in a hurry
Couple of spots
Rub my ears
Always comes when his name he hears
Loves his ball; it's his favorite thing
What's most fun for him? Everything!
Great big tongue that licks my face
Has a crate, his very own space
Big brown eyes like moon pies
He's my friend till the very end!

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/dog-poem
The Jimbo's Gallery

We love seeing photos of your Jimbo's-loving pets. You can click here to send in your fur family photos to our online Gallery and you will go in the monthly draw to WIN $30 of Jimbo's vouchers!
Check out the Jimbo's Gallery!
Congratulations to Victoria from Auckland for winning November's gallery draw with this gorgeous photo of Odin on his 7th birthday. Happy Birthday, Odin, from the team of Pet Lovers at Jimbo's!
Featured Products
Christmas Beef & Lamb, and the Purrrfect Pressie Turkey & Duck Christmas Feast
The Jimbo's Purrrfect Pressie Turkey & Duck Christmas Feast is back in stores for a limited time only! Treat your pets this Christmas with our deliciously festive feast. This fan-favourite can be safely frozen and thawed out at a later date, so you can stock up early in time for Christmas dinner.

We don't want your canine companions to miss out, so we have given the Jimbo's Beef & Lamb a festive wrapping just in time for the silly season. The Purrrfect Pressie is suitable for dogs, too!
Congratulations to our two winners!

In our last newsletter we asked you to send in photos of your pets enjoying our two festive products. Congratulations to Victoria from Auckland and Debbie from Hastings who have each won a Jimbo's goody pack worth over $40! Here are their pets getting excited for our Christmas goodies.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our products, or want some feeding advice? Send us your questions for our Pet Advisors to answer.
"How can I treat my pets safely at Christmas?"

For many pets, Christmas is a time of extra treats and titbits. This Christmas we are encouraging you to share the love, but to also remember that lots of human goodies are not actually so great for our fur family. Chocolate and other high-sugar foods can be harmful (even toxic!), and calorie-rich treats that might seem small can actually go a long way to contributing to weight gain in our pet pals.

Show your pets how much you love them this Christmas with pet-appropriate goodies - Natures Goodness grainfree Treats or the festively-wrapped Beef & Lamb dog food will make a great addition to a canine's Christmas Day, and our Purrrfect Pressie Turkey & Duck Christmas Feast and Fussy Cat grainfree Treats are just what our feline friends are hoping for.
Get in touch with our Pet Advisors with your queries
Training Tips
Jimbo's Fitness & Agility Dog Trainer Kelly, from Hybrid Dog Training, will answer your training questions and provide training tips to try at home!

Kelly studied Zoology and Anatomy/Physiology at the Otago University, and began training her first dog, Brody, 11 years ago. All of Kelly's dogs are now powered by Jimbo's!
Mental Stimulation and Skills Training

It is not always possible at this busy time of the year to take dogs for long walks. Here are some suggestions on alternatives that can be used to keep your canine companion mentally agile.
  • Food puzzles and enrichment activities. These not only keep your puppy entertained (and not eating your shoes), but also teach problem-solving skills.
  • Cooperative care. Teach them to be comfortable while being handled. This will set you in good stead for future vet visits. Reward with treats while you pretend to do various handling activities; grooming, nail trims, touching their legs, checking their teeth, etc.
  • Life skills. Teach them good habits before they have time to develop bad habits. Have your dog wait at a door until you ask them to go through, keep them sitting on a bed / platform until they are released.
WIN $30 of Jimbo's Vouchers!

Be in to WIN $30 of Jimbo's vouchers simply by answering the following multichoice question correctly - good luck!
Which of the following is NOT a healthy treat for my pets this Christmas?
A. Jimbo's Purrrfect Pressie
B. Natures Goodness grainfree Treats
C. Chocolate
D. Fussy Cat grainfree Treats
(To be in to win, simply CLICK on the letter of the answer above that you think is correct.)
Congratulations to Emily from Auckland for winning last month's multichoice question competition.
Thanks for reading guys, have a fun-filled festive season!
From the team at Jimbo's.
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