Howdy, how're you going?
Well, winter is just around the corner and the cats and dogs of NZ are letting us know as sales have picked up - all it takes is a drop of a few degrees and our factory output jumps every year.
Cats will always seem a little hungrier than normal this time of year as their bodies are attuned to the weather change and start to bulk up their fur for insulation. Given that fur or hair is essentially protein, the amount of protein going in will always need to be lifted to compensate for this - so if your moggy is hanging around a little more than usual and seeming to be a bit of a guts, there’s a reason why.
Big excitement in my house last week: the rule of thumb is that there are to be no fires before May, and despite the fact that there were a couple of chilly April days the embargo was in place, but come the first of May it was all on for young and old.
To get to that point we have the annual picking-up-sticks fun which means the firewood has all been cut and stacked away. The peoples were ably assisted by the ever helpful quadruped who, upon realising it was time for collecting sticks, duly applied herself to the task of stick collection with vigour, joy and enthusiasm. This comes in 3 categories...

Jimbo's 2017 April Newsletter

Howdy, how're you going?

Watership Down revisited: A slightly odd, funny and happy-ending (rabbit's) tail for Easter.
Winter is knocking on the door, time to stack the firewood and get ready for the change in seasons.
Given it was a mild winter last year and we have had a nice wet summer, my property at the moment is a bit like Watership Down on steroids - it’s a bunny explosion with cute furry little hoppers bouncing everywhere. Much like the Watership Down movie, the farmer (me) goes out with his gun but good old Hazel and his many brothers and sisters have an unlikely ally in the form of a particularly enthusiastic staffy lab cross named… Poppy. Every time I go out to eradicate bunnies, Poppy comes along with all the energy of an atom bomb. The good thing is, at the age of almost eleven, Poppy knows the rules: no unexpected explosions...

Jimbo's 2017 May Newsletter

Howdy, how're you going?

I'm writing this at the end of another stunning summer's day, and am just reflecting on a couple of visitors we have had this week.
Stella the Jack Russell came in for the day with Amy. A 13-year-old lady (that’s Stella) with a need for a little TLC, she was pretty keen to give everyone the tail wagging sniff and pleased-to-meet-you greeting as everyone filed in. From there she just curled up on her bed, lay down her furry head and chilled for the day. I did notice she had managed to find a lap to sit on for a little while part way through the day and I’m sure she snuck in a few sneaky nibbles at lunch time.
She remained moderately interested in everyone and everything until the end of the day when Amy was ready to go, keys in hand, dog bed under the arm and handbag duly swung - with Amy ready Stella only had eyes for her. I tried to get a goodbye pat out of Stella and was greeted with a “Get real dude,” look as she only had one thing on her mind: a car ride...

Jimbo's 2017 February Newsletter

Howdy, how're you going?

Post Christmas, the masses are back to work, kids are back at school and life returns to normal (not sure what normal is). We had a busy run through the Christmas period at Jimbo's and the Purrrfect Pressie went down a treat this year selling out before Christmas Eve. We will have to increase the numbers next year!

I have been having a running battle over the last couple of weeks - a certain little black cat that resides on the end of my bed at night must have decided that I am a bad hunter. Due to this somewhat poor assessment of my ability to provide for myself and my family, said black cat has taken it upon herself to ensure that I am well catered to...